Exploring Go

It is what we know already that prevents us from learning - Claude Bernard Intro I have been writing in Go for 6 months. For an experienced programmer, learning a new language is about quickly becoming fluent in syntax and the fundamentals of programs »

Migrating to Middleman

I had a few blog posts in mind that I wanted to write about, mostly comparing swift with ruby and decided to refresh my blog. My blog has been running on an old version of Octopress. Octopress 3.0 looks like an overhaul and has not been released yet. »

Upgrading to Rails 4.0.2 and Ruby 2.1

Upgrading to Rails 4 and Ruby 2 on Heroku. This is a B2B application so we don’t get tons of traffic, but it is a critical reporting and financial application used by our customers frequently. The Stack 1 2 3 4 5 Cloud platform: Heroku Rails 3.2.13 »

Setup Maintenance Server with AWS Route 53

I recently migrated from Heroku to AWS. With Heroku, it was fairly easy to configure a maintenance page and turn on the maintenance mode during an upgrade or downtime. Run a command to put site in maintenance mode. heroku maintenance:on –app <appname »