Migrating to Middleman

I had a few blog posts in mind that I wanted to write about, mostly comparing swift with ruby and decided to refresh my blog. My blog has been running on an old version of Octopress. Octopress 3.0 looks like an overhaul and has not been released yet. I came across this article on static site generators - Jekyll vs Octopress vs Middleman and decided to give middleman a try. Middleman looks well supported and even mailchimp is using it. It was a very very simple configuration and migration from Octopress.

Since I was using github-pages to host the blog, I added the gem middleman-deploy, moved the previous blog posts from source/_posts directory in Octopress to articles directory in middleman. Had a small issue with date formatting, octopress dates were timestamps 2014-09-07 17:30:43 -0700, but middleman allows only the date part.

Oh, and I also added the gorgeous Casper theme to the blog.